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Loud "interference noise" from Amplifi 150

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I bought the Amplifi 150 in August 2016.  It would occasionally make a loud "POP" sound, and then the footcontroller would be non-responsive.  I brought it into a verified Line6 factory repair shop in North Hollywood, and after waiting 4 weeks, they were unable to replicate the problem after leaving it on for a few hours. I took it back, and even did a gig in October with it.  


This week, I was getting ready for a bunch of gigs over the holidays, and suddenly while playing, the amp makes a loud "interference" type of sound (i.e., static noise).  It happened as I was in the tuning mode on the foot-controller.


I turned off the unit, turned it back on, and after 5 minutes, it did it again.  I turned it off again - and unplugged the cat 5 cable to the foot controller and it eventually made the same loud sound.  At 150watts, it's loud.  And not really reliable for my upcoming gigs - rendering it totally useless.


Anyone have issues with weird, loud static interference blasting through the amp?  Maybe I just got a bad unit.  


No repair shop is open until the new year in L.A., so it's back to the Pod XTlive setup or my Fender amps.  But I'm losing faith in the Amplifi system.  No working musician wants to worry about their gear not working.


(note: I bought the unit used, so I can't return it to Line6, so it's either repair shop or trash the unit)

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