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Firehawk with DC Brick Power Supply?


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Hello all, I just ordered my Firehawk and should receive it in a few days. My question is: Can I power my Firehawk with a DC Power Brick (ala Voodoo Lab, Joyo PL-2, etc.)? Or must I use the power brick that ships with it?


I am planning on placing it on my pedalboard along side other pedals to use in the FX Loop (4 cable method). Going into a Mesa Lonestar 2X12.


I searched through the forum to see if this was addressed, but found only references to Power Supply replacements. I am hoping that I can power my Firehawk with one of my DC power bricks. *fingers crossed*


Thanks for any input!

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I finally got my Firehawk FX and discovered that the 9v cables that attach to my DC brick do not fit. So... it's time to mount the cable under the pedalboard. Also, the 4 cable method into my Mesa Lonestar 2x12 sounds epic. Being a "Tube Guy" my whole career, I was skeptically optimistic to see if the amp sims feel and sound right. I'm very happy to say that the sounds I'm getting are legit. Best money I've spent in a while.

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You might be able to do this with


Voodoo Lab 2.1mm Reverse Polarity Barrel



which has a 2.1" barrel.  This inverts the polarity as welll


I don't know if it will work; make sure the brick has the correct voltage and current.





I have ordered the cable to see if it will work with my Amplifi 30.  If so, I may spring for the Firehawk as well



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