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UX8 Issues

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Not sure who or where to ask so I figured why not post here?


 I've had a UX8 for a few years. No real issues until now. 


I'm running Windows 10, Brand spanking new dedicated recording PC. Mixcraft 7 as my DAW. Software all up to date. No other software running. CPU clocked at 0-1% within DAW. So from my opinion zero software issues. 


The UX8 had dirty pots so 2 months ago I gave it a good cleaning. Alcohol, Q-tips, and compressed air. I took a good look around the board while I was in there. Everything looked good. No swollen or burnt components. After cleaning, the pots all sounded good. No more crackling. 


First Problem:

 Instrument channels 1-2 on the front are acting like there gated. There are 2 Hi-Z inputs on the front face of the UX8 for instruments. Either I never noticed before(because I don't DI guitar ever) or it just started. You strum the guitar with a good effort and you can see the channel reaching to 0db but then depending on your attack and sustain the volume will drop. If you strum full force over and over you can hear a fading in the signal. It pulses down and up, down and up. You can also see the signal LED fading with the signal. 


Has anyone else ever experienced this? Are the front 2 instrument channels processed? If so can you turn off or adjust the gating? I'm not running gearbox so I would assume they are unprocessed?


If there are no settings to change, and its not a user issue(ya me), then what could be the issue?


Second Problem:

 Having level differences between rear xlr channels. Same mic and same cable come though some channels really quietly. 


Could this be dirty/faulty inputs? Need to reclean?


Third Problem:

 Upon setting up the UX8 with the new Computer, and checking inputs for clarity, levels, etc. I noticed that while switching from mic to line in channel 7 there is a popping. I'm not talking about physically swapping cables, I'm referring to changing channels in the preferences menu of my DAW. You click from mic to line and POP! Line to mic and POP! No other channels do this. 


What do you think more dirt and dust in there?

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I have a UX8 with the same problem as your "First Problem". It is connected to a laptop running Windows 10. Started very recently. Thought it was a hardware problem. Had a friend check the unit out using Gearbox. He ran it for 2 hrs last night. Worked perfectly. Thinking it might be a recent Windows update. Will troubleshoot this weekend. Let you know if I find anything. 

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I recommend after you fix this to turn off WIndows 10 driver updates......I know you cant turn off WIndow 10 Updates, but you CAN turn off WIndow 10 Driver Updates and that will stop that crap...


this has happened to me on other interfaces, the dreaded Windows USB driver Updates or Firewire Updates....what they do is a Generic Driver Update for the masses of people like video games or cameras etc...and it can screw up your audio connections.

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