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Connect RF phones with G10?

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Hi, I like to jam with my LP Honeyburst at home with my phones on, not to disturb the rest of the family too much.

I have this crazy idea that I'm gonna buy a G10 to try and connect my G10 Receiver/Dockingbase directly in to my Amplifi TT. For output I 'm thinking of adding my RF phones so I can go full wireless? Which is of great advantage in my home.


Theese are my phones: https://goo.gl/images/wakws7




Will it work thou?





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Sounds like this should work no problem as your headphones use radio frequency and the G10 uses digital wireless. 

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It works great. For now I connect my tt to the RF phones and for the guitar I use i 25' long cable. There is no latency at all and I cranc up the volume to 90% on the tt so that i can keep my phones on 30-40% By doing that I get almost no humming sound in my phones. I would def recommend this solution. Perhaps I will buy a G10 so i can drop the cable, but I have a Les Paul so the dongle sticks out too much on the side according to me. Often I sit in my recliner when I play and then I find it more convenient with a cable with a angeled connector.

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