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Replacement nut Graph Tech Black TUSQ for JTV-59

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Black TUS Q XL: BT-6543-00,  1.6" x .6" x .1", with angle slots at 5-degrees,

42.89mm x 7.99mm x5.08mm.


The one in the link has a rolling breaking angle, do not use that one.


Thump it with your finger nail, if it rings too much or has a hollow sound,

it's the wrong density. Should feel similar to Bakelite only more solid.

I don't see it on Graph Tech's current list, so as close to a BT-6543 as

you can get.


Or try to get it through our service partners at Yamaha Euro or an authorized

Line 6 service center in your area. They can email me for a part number thru

the usual tech request channels.

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Just because I am not a native speaker... do I understand you right that the nut used in the JTV-59 is no longer available via the manufacturer and there is no similar replacement in stock at Graph Tech?


Where can I find you authorized service centers in Germany for further information?

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There's PMS Electronics in Minden and  Beats & Bytes in Dietzenbach.

Okay, I do understand :blink:  Your filters are crap ("Show only stores with…").

If I apply a filter as stated above (guitar) there is no data. Not one filter works  <_<


Try it by yourself using "frankfurt" +200 km

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