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Hd500 Set Tuning Reverts To Standard?

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This happened several times over the last few days - since updating to JTV 2.0: I have a HD500 patch with Forced Drop D tuning set, and several times while altering the sound the Guitar kept revert back to Standard tuning, and when I checked the Patch was on Don't Force.  Last night at rehearsal it happened again, 3 times, which is rather embarrassing when you really need that Drop-D; thank goodness it wasn't at a gig.


I am absolutely certain that I saved the Patch after setting it to the custom tuning, but it keeps going back to Don't Force and standard tuning again.  It is not as if it is a quick change via the HD500 menus, but I am wondering if the JTV update now includes real-time overriding of the HD500 Forced Tuning setting if you perhaps switch the alt tuning knob on the JTV.


I need to spend time to verify this and work out exactly when it happens, and it won't be for a few days as I am away this weekend, but I was wondering if anybody else has had problems with the HD500 Forced Tuning and JTV 2.0?

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It sounds like you are not using HD500 Edit while this is happening, but if you are try closing Edit and disconnecting your usb.


One other thing to check - make sure the Alt Tuning knob on your JTV is set to Standard - not Model.


If both of the above are discounted, then try to come up with a reliable 'recipe' (series of specific HD500 actions i.e. switch/knob/button movements) to consistently reproduce the problem and report it as a bug to Line 6.

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No not using Edit - directly tweaking on the HD500, VDI connected JTV knob set to Standard tuning overridden by HD500 to Drop-D and I would have switched JTV Patch (pick-up positions).


I spent 20 minutes or so just trying to find the steps to reproduce this and failed.  Obviously when I stopped trying to do that and decided instead be more productive and get on with getting the sound I need it happened again, twice. 


I did notice that if you change the Alt Tuning knob away from Standard on the JTV the HD500 will change from "Custom" to "Don't Force", and it is possible that this is what I am doing, but I think it unlikely because I normally don't play with that knob.


Anyway will keep trying to consistently reproduce what is happened.

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Ok I have isolated it and can reproduce it, and I think that it is behaviour that has changed since the JTV 2.0 update.

  1. Set JTV to Standard tuning and connect to HD500 using VDI; all actions to be taken on JTV and HD500 directly - no Edit or Workbench
  2. Set up a POD HD patch (can be any, including empty) to override JTV Tuning, and save patch. JTV altered tuning can be heard.
  3. Go to different patch and come back again - JTV altered tuning can be heard
  4. Press View so that you can see the JTV Tuning page on the HD500 - it shows the saved override tuning (expected)
  5. Change the selected model on the JTV, for example go from Bridge to Neck Pickups on Lester - the HD500 now says "Don't Force", but the altered tuning can still be heard and will stick for any other model changes
  6. Save the HD500 patch - nothing has been changed on the HD500, all you have done is view the Variax Tuning page, and that was only so you could see what is happening.
  7. Go to different patch and come back again - JTV is now in Standard tuning

I call this a fault because I haven't changed the HD500 patch in any way whether directly or indirectly by changing the tuning on the JTV but my altered tuning is no longer being applied.  It is still saved as part of the HD500 patch and can be recovered, but I have to go the Variax Tuning page and switch it back on every time before saving to avoid nasty and embarrassing surprises.


Will report it as a Fault

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Response to the ticket - all I can say is that it really gets in the way of making a quick change to a patch with an HD500 overridden tuning:

Hello,I have reproduced what you wrote up and currently seems to be the nature of the devices when they are used this way.As the tuning it part of the preset patch, when you change the model on the guitar, it retains the sound of the tuning that was set on the preset in the first place, but now you can apply it to other guitars you select on the JTV.The on odd part of this is that the tuning is retained in the audio, but the Variax Tuning page on the POD now shows 'Don't Force' which does not match what is being heard.  What IS expected, though, is that if you save the settings the way they are at this point, you will be saving the preset with Variax Tuning set to 'Don't Force' so that when you exit the preset and return to it, the guitar will be in Standard tuning.Thanks for the heads up.  I will let our developers know who will determine if this is intentional, and, if not, they may change in the future.Regards,Line6Hugo
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I have heard nothing, and just work around it knowing that it is a consistent reproducible "feature" - basically when editing a forced tuning patch do not touch the model selector on the JTV.


I haven't tested this since I upgraded to the latest HD firmware, but it wasn't listed as one of the improvements for firmware 2.2 so my hopes are not up.  Might have a try tonight

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I just wish that L6 would sort out a few of these simple little features - I can live without HD global eq (if I have to) and User IRs, and to be honest I don't want another HD Amp, but little things like:


Remembering Forced Tuning when JTV Patch is changed

HD forced JTV Bank change

Workbench HD Strat pickups not saving properly

Workbench HD works through HD 500/Pro


None of these appear to me (as somebody who has worked in software development for 30 years) to be really that difficult, do they?

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