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HD147 - Firmware Update

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  • 3 weeks later...

Same exact issue here!! I have Line 6 Edit, Monkey and Updater all installed on the computer, but only the Edit app will recognize it. Monkey doesn't even have an HD147 option and Updater just gives me a black screen... This is very frustrating.

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  • 3 years later...

This is NOT a firmware issue, I have had 4 HD147’s (and currently still have 2) and there are some common issues that are repairable fairly easily that can cause your volume issues.

(1) The guitar Input PCB Connector 5wire to the Motherboard is made of some wierd pvc that interacts to oxidize the copper wires inside. On 3 of the 4 HD147’s (and a few of my Vettas) the copper inside these wires have disintegrated into green powder. So While this oxidation is happening, volume can go up and down.

 (2) Resistor R2 on all of the Guitar Input PCB have been dead suddenly and the smd 1Mohm resistor needs to be replaced.

(3) There is 1, yes, just 1 screw that holds together the “AMP MODELS” Rotary Encoder (the knob that goes around 360degrees to select an Amp Model and when pressed and turned, a Speaker Cabinet Model). This Single solitary screw somehow becomes loose all by itself, likely from years of turning the encoder somehow, and as the screw becomes looser and looser the encoder makes les and less contact with the Contacts of Each Amp model that signals the cpu to engage that amp model or cab. Eventually when it’s very loose, you will get those volume jumps and also amp model and cab jumps all by itself. 

This one is the strangest issue I have ever come across and would love to find out who decided that 1 solitary screw was all that was required for such an important part of the amplifier. That star type washer that would normally prevent a screw from becoming loose when in contact between the screw head and flat metal, for some reason does not work on pcb material and over time just becomes ineffective. ThreadLock should have been used for such an important component depending on just 1 screw. 

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