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UX1 crashing frequently

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I have had this UX1 since 2008 and it has worked fine for the first couple of years. Then it started crashing every now and then. No sound, no Youtube videos running, red light glowing on the box.

At first I could reboot the UX1 by simply unplugging the USB cable for a couple of seconds and then replugging it. But about a year ago, way before my Windows 10 upgrade the UX1 started crashing more severely. I have since not been able to revive the UX1 by any other way than rebooting the whole pc. 

I have the latest drivers, I updated them during the Windows 10 upgrade, but that had no effect on this crashing behaviour.

I found a tip that suggested setting the sampling frequency to 48000Hz instead of the default 44000Hz, but that did not help either.

What should I try next?

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probably WIndows Updates. 

a lot of software things might be running in the background, I would start by removing Windows 10 Driver Updates.



then I would disconnect the internet, and turn off all Ad Blockers and Virusware. disable any other soundcards seen in Device Manager.

also try a new USB cable and port if problem is still seen.


then start PodFarm settings setup , first in the UX software and then with the DAW.


24/44.1 should be a good setting.  Default buffers.......


when I had freezes it was almost always my computer and WIndows/Virusware.

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