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I have returned to Line 6 and bought a Helix


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Well I quit using Line 6 gear and this forum in 2015 and caused a bit of upset with a few members when I perhaps a little arrogantly announced that I was getting an Axe FX to replace my POD500X and DT25. Well I went to Axe-FX and a CLR for 6 months and while it sounded good I was getting fed up with endless tweaking and the boggling array of parameters. So, I sold that after 6 months and bought a tube amp and build a small pedalboard. Ran that for a year and loved it but just can't get to play at a volume where it sounds at it's best very often so was finding that I was not playing electric in the house much at all, and if I did it was unplugged. I also had issues with using FX in the amps loop and the tone being affected.


So, that's all sold and I have now got the Helix, will be connected to audio interface and near field monitors and I am also looking at getting an FRFR speaker for louder moments later. I haven't decided what FRFR to get yet but it won't be a CLR, it was too big and heavy for my needs. I like the idea of the Stagesource with it's guitar mode to sound more like a regular guitar cab. We'll see.


I only got the Helix yesterday and had a couple of hours with it last night but my first impression is good, it certainly looks superb, very sleek and stylish, with excellent interface and controls and quick play around setting up a simple clean sound revealed that it sounds good, I especially noticed the reverbs and delays sound a lot better than the PODHD500X.


First off, I want to learn the Helix so will be spending a lot of time searching this forum for answers and tips but may ask a few silly questions along the way.


I'm looking forward to this!

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Welcome back!


Just a note about the Stagesource electric guitar mode. That's designed to emulate a guitar cab effect so you would probably want to use that mode when you do not use a cab/mic model in your Helix preset. Otherwise you will be doubling up on cabs. If you use a cab or IR in the Helix preset you might want to set the Stagesource to PA/Reference mode.


But there are no rules - experiment with everything. Just be aware of this if the sound in electric guitar mode surprises you.

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Thanks. One thing I have tried is a trick I used with the Axe-FX; adjust the hi-cut down to around 7-9KHz and push up the lo-cut to around 100Hz. That really helps give that focussed mid range and reduce any flub or brittle highs from the cabs.


Also, I move the mic to the closest position, dial out any early reflections and also reduce sag on some of the amps. That really helps give the amps a more present and focussed sound.


I started going through some presets this morning and got as far as Line 6 Epic, tweaked it and ended up playing on that for an hour. Sounded very good. 

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