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How Make A Solo Boost For Pod Hd 500


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I want to have a pedal I can use that would give me those mids to cut through for a solo but I dont know how much I can raise volume without being over power. I have a boost pedal about 75% time on for my lead playing at church for like Lincoln Brewster music but when it goes to a solo I want to push on something to make it more present.


What would you recommend? I got one spot on my pod fx for a pedal




Thank you!

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Im not really fimiliar with messing with the EQ but like maybe used another pedal with like certian setting I guess would help or like set your volume pedal at __% and when you push it up it goes to 100% stuff like that.


My mind in the EQ stuff is very small and not really fimiliar adjusting my pedals for better sound so having the individual knob positions would help


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