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Marshall amp question


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Guy's, I'm really enjoying setting up my tones on my new Helix.


I'm wondering if any of the amp's are modelled on the Marshall JMP 1, or if any of the current Marshall amp models are anything like the JMP 1.


Not having owned any marshalls, I'm not sure how similar the amps sounded in real life.


I do like the Helix JCM 800 but how similar is that to the JMP?

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What is that modded JCM 800 model actually based on or what is the difference based on?


I hadn't noticed that new amp model until someone mentioned it on here and I only had a quick go with it just now.


I never had any real Marshall amps and always thought they were a bit of a cliché, but I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying these particular models on the helix. It's a bit of a revelation to me.

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It's based on a hot rodded Marshall JCM 800.  


Ben, the creator, mentioned that he designed it so that the Pre Mid controls are controlling an active EQ circuit between the 2nd and 3rd gain stages to simulate driving the front end of an already distorted amp with a frowny face, mid-boost EQ.

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