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Have some basic questions


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How can I see, in a custom patch, I purchased, what IR its assigned to use? In other words, say I want to put presets 1, 2 and 3 into slots 1, 2, and 3 on one of my user set lists. How can I know for certain where to place the according IR without constantly referring to a screenshot?


Also, how the heck do I use snapshots, as a lot of the presets have them and I'd like to take advantage of them. Love to all! 

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Currently, the best way I've found to keep the presets and IRs aligned is to put all the presets into one of the 8 setlists, put the corresponding IR's where they belong and then go through and rename the IRs so that they start with a number (001, 002, etc...).  Then back up the setlist and the next time you do an update, re-import it and just drag the numbered IR's back to where they belong.


This might all change next Thursday as Digital Igloo made a couple vague of remarks about an upcoming announcement.


Also, it's easy to tell where the preset creator had the IRs located by just looking at the preset.

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