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Everything sounds jumbled...


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I am experimenting with finger picking on an electric guitar and almost all of the profiles the notes sound jumbled together when I play anything even moderately fast.  Which of the effects do I adjust to clean up the profiles so it doesn't sound like all the notes run together?


I'm new to this and know nothing about amplifying sound, having a background mostly in bluegrass banjo which is acoustic and usually amplified by playing into a microphone. I bought an electric 5 string banjo and a spider V so I could mess around with it and mimic some electric guitar styles for some jam band type stuff but any of the profile with any distortion which I want to be able to use sounds horrible unless all I do is play chords or pick slow.

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You might also have to do some muting if your tone isn't clean enough. It's a must if you want to use distortion well. An experienced player spends more time touching  strings other than the ones that are making the noise to stop them sounding.


It requires using parts of both hands in all the right places and takes a long time to master.

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