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Overcoming Helix's Mediocre Reverb


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Much though I love Helix, I too hope for a reverb update. The reverbs do seem to be the weak link and don't seem appreciably better than those found on budget multi-effects. In fact the reverbs on my TC Electronics Nova System sound much nicer to me. Helix deserves this update.

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As a potential buyer of Helix i actually have held off buying a Helix since 2015 purely because i know the Reverbs are lacklustre at best, i would have hoped for almost 2 years a few firmware updates addressing this issue
If the Helix is to continue to really stand out in a crowd all it has to do is go head to head with Strymon FX since its amp modelling is obviously amazing but, i want more...
Still i think there is definite room for improvement...

Personally i rely heavily of reverbs and whislt the delays are quite decent i think there is still some overdue firmware updates.

Granted if you are just a blues or rock player it probably has you covered, but for those ambient FX lovers we also need something thats going to make me not buy 3 strymon pedals instead. I think the helix is almost there but not quite especially if TC electronics has better sounding verbs... please update your verbs Line 6.

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Well you didn't mention delays...


Here's a list of just the added "delays" from a "beta" update I just downloaded for my Kemper...


Tonic & Octave - 2016-11-09 16-16-39.kipr

Talking Mice - 2016-11-09 15-41-45.kipr

Suspended - 2016-11-09 17-26-31.kipr

Sunrise - 2016-11-09 15-42-49.kipr

Softener - 2016-11-08 14-31-35.kipr

Sinking - 2016-11-09 16-25-43.kipr

Shivers - 2016-11-09 17-24-10.kipr

SETI - 2016-11-09 17-27-38.kipr

Riding Along - 2016-11-09 17-25-32.kipr

Resolution - 2016-11-09 16-10-49.kipr

Power Tone - 2016-11-09 16-26-39.kipr

Poly Octaves 6 - 2016-11-09 17-21-48.kipr

Poly Octaves 5 - 2016-11-09 17-21-30.kipr

Poly Octaves 4 - 2016-11-09 17-21-13.kipr

Poly Octaves 3 - 2016-11-09 17-20-55.kipr

Poly Octaves 2 - 2016-11-09 17-20-36.kipr

Poly Octaves 1 - 2016-11-09 17-20-16.kipr

Octave Slapback - 2016-11-09 15-55-31.kipr

Musical Box 2 - 2016-11-09 17-19-53.kipr

Musical Box 1 - 2016-11-09 17-19-27.kipr

Moth Wings - 2016-11-09 17-23-25.kipr

Marvin - 2016-11-08 13-43-54.kipr

Major 2 - 2016-11-09 17-35-12.kipr

Major 1 - 2016-11-09 17-34-57.kipr

Wholetones - 2016-11-09 17-29-01.kipr

Warm Pad - 2016-11-09 15-45-19.kipr

Vibro Up - 2016-11-09 16-22-32.kipr

Upwards Arpeggio - 2016-11-09 16-13-13.kipr

Underwater - 2016-11-09 15-44-20.kipr

Twinkling Stars - 2016-11-09 16-21-25.kipr

Harp - 2016-11-09 16-11-49.kipr

Half Reverse Pad - 2016-11-09 15-51-42.kipr

Gritty - 2016-11-09 17-29-47.kipr

Foundation - 2016-11-09 15-48-01.kipr

Five of Nine - 2016-11-09 16-01-20.kipr

Fifth of Scotch - 2016-11-09 15-59-44.kipr

Fibonacci 13-16 - 2016-11-06 15-49-59.kipr

Dream Sequence - 2016-11-03 16-48-14.kipr

Downward Tape - 2016-11-03 16-45-17.kipr

Dark Mystery - 2016-11-09 15-40-22.kipr

Crystal Stairway - 2016-11-09 15-53-38.kipr

Crystal Heights - 2016-11-09 15-46-47.kipr

Crystal 5th - 2016-11-09 15-49-08.kipr

Close Encounter - 2016-11-04 14-43-11.kipr

Chorus Organ - 2016-11-09 15-57-37.kipr

Bowed Metal - 2016-11-09 16-25-00.kipr

Boo Hotel - 2016-11-03 16-49-12.kipr

Big Triad - 2016-11-09 16-27-40.kipr

Big & Dirty - 2016-11-09 15-39-08.kipr

Belltower - 2016-11-09 16-14-51.kipr

Ballerina Chrom - 2016-11-04 11-46-37.kipr

Bagpipes - 2016-11-09 15-52-14.kipr

Ascension - 2016-11-09 15-56-29.kipr

Alien Communique - 2016-11-09 16-23-55.kipr

12-24 Lead in C - 2016-11-04 11-58-35.kipr

High Voicing - 2016-11-09 16-28-44.kipr



Those guys know how to do an update...  ;)

wow thats an amazing firmware update from Kemper... yes exactly... imagine if helix did some of these with the reverbs?

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i guess kemper have a fairly matured /well respected product and they can keep the same model in production and popular by giving great firmware updates.

I only hope line 6 follow a similar course, maybe committing more resources to updates rather than having everyone working on the next 'big thing' product..

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With all due respect @shanecgriffo, Line 6 has expressed their long-term commitment to the Helix line many times, here and elsewhere, and has demonstrated it with multiple firmware updates, the LT version, the upcoming native version, and absolutely stellar customer support.


If your comment was in reference to wanting improved reverbs specifically, fine, vote those requests up on IdeaScale. If it's a more general thing, honestly, I think you're off base.

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ahh maybe i am, they seem committed but at the same time i remember reading that there is just one guy that does the majority of the modeling work , i might be wrong so correct me if so please :) I mean, if that's the case, if the guy left for any reason,things would really slow down.. i was just thinking a lot of peoples issues would be sorted if they assigned a few more people to the modelling/update team.. assuming it is mostly just one guy doing this work.. i'm happy to be corrected tho :)

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I was having a play around session yesterday and seeing as I'd never used the effects loops before I plugged my Strymon Bluesky up and it sounded awesome.

Whether it's better enough to warrant all the hassle is a different matter.



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