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Spider Android App crashes constantly


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Is it me, or is this a totally bug ridden app? Almost every time I create a new preset, save it to My Tones, then try to download the preset to the V-120, it crashes my Samsung S6. I can't even restart the app or phone, I have to reboot the phone.


Is this happening to others, and is there a solution? I'm trying to create banks of tones as a backup rig to my Helix. So far it's really frustrating.

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The Spider V app is really hit or miss. I have 2 tablets that kind of work, one that doesn't work at all unless you root it, an Ipad 2 that doesn't work, and a newer Galaxy Note that sometimes works. Same issues with connections dropping. Tons of online store reviews saying the app sucks.


The app is horrible and they need to make a computer editor for Win and Mac pronto. 


You can't save user batch backups, you can't save user files offline. Not easy to build preset banks because the screens are not connected. You have to load presets one at a time and then store those to Spider V unit. There should be an offline bank edit option with drag and drop.

There is no storage on devices for sd card backup of user files. Really, the app is the worse part about the Spider V lineup. I have not found one mobile device running this really bad app that does not have disconnect issues. Mine will lock up too sometimes when swiping open an effect. Errors saying "Spider app was disconnected." 

I am really disappointed L6 made no NAMM announcement to correct the app issues or update whether or not computer editors were coming. 

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Its not just on Android. Many people have problems with Spider Remote on PC including me. The main thing about this amp is the "App" and it's not working, therefore we could say the half of the amp is not working, I guess. The last version of the app is released 2 years ago XD They could have care about this little bit more :))


Edit: I just realised that you posted this on 2017. I am dissapointed.

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