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POD Studio UX-1 with garageband v10.1.3?

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I have been using my old ux-1 to record with my windows notebook using Reason software but recently have been checking out apple garageband v10.1.3 and wanted to try recording my guitar using the ux-1 but with no luck.


I have successfully downloaded and installed line6 monkey and gearbox (not sure I need it?) onto my macbook, and the monkey says my ux1 is all updated, but I still cannot get any sound with garageband, whether or not I turn on gearbox. My guitar is plugged into the ux1 and I am listening with headphones in the phones jack on the ux1 and I have selected in garageband preferences>audio the ux1 as both input and output and all other possible combinations yet cannot get any sound when I play the guitar. 


I also cannot get any sound just using the gearbox with my macbook. Garageband is not launched, but the gearbox is, and the ux1 is plugged in, but I cannot hear myself play guitar, again using headphones. This works with my windows notebook. 


Any ideas?

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