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How do you get a good bass sound

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Hi guys my name is tony i use a pod studio ux2 but am really having a bad time getting a good bass sound!! The guitars are fine but i just cannot get a decent pro bass sound i mean i can dial a good sounding tone in but on play back it never sits well in my mix it has lots of low undertones that sound terrible out of my speakers ( mackie cr4) i have even tried recording the bass through my pre amp(presonus bluetube) into the line on ux2 but same results! Its not that it doesnt record ok its just the bass never levels nice in my mix horrible muddy boomy crap coming out! The bass i use is a yamaha bb414 new strings etc can anyone help and post example of your mix and what settings you used thnx in advance..tony

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You may already have a good tone, but the problem is your monitoring.  The low end frequency of those speakers Is 70Hz, that's just a little lower than the low E on a guitar, so what you are hearing is the harmonics of any low notes, not the low frequencies themselves.

Have you tried monitoring with headphones?  At least for getting the bass balanced, this may help.  You'll have to experiment to see how it translates to other systems, though.

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you should get a decent sound just plugging in without any podfarm/gearboxx stuff.


1. get the bass plugged in

2. deselect AMPS.....get the volume right, tone....if ok proceed, if not look at cables, guitar itself etc..

3. if sound is ok, then select the instrument in for the bass and go through the bass amps....if you dont like those, maybe just try the Dynamics like the LA2A and a Noise Gate etc.....  if you cant get a good sound there maybe try a regular guitar amp, get creative.


if you cant find a tone somethings probably really wrong with your monitoring chain?


you shouldnt need anything but the UX unit to get a good bass sound.


yuou ask....How do you get a good bass sound?


1. plug the bass into instrument input 1 with a good guitar cable, have all guitar knobs on full blast (not a speaker cable only use a instrument cable)

2. open PodFarm and select instrument 1 in the L6 software and select BASS AMPS

3. find a choice amp

4. add the LA2A in front of the BASS AMP....maybe Gate if needed for my single coil pickup noise

Tweak to pleasure then SAVE AS...." bass amp" and its there.

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