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Friedman BE100 - channel switching


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Forgive me if this has been asked...did a search and nothing came up.


Does the Helix channel switch a Friedman BE100? All 3 channels (clean, Be, HBE)? Any bugs or funny business going on or is it working 100%? Do the lights match up correctly?


I previously owned a Helix but sold it because I went in a different rig direction but now that I'm back using a real amp (and loving it), I'm thinking of selling my Fractal FX8 and getting another Helix mainly to have the amp models as a backup rig already on the floor. I carry an Amplifire to gigs for backup but would rather free up space in my bag. I think the Helix FX will be fine for what I use. My main concern is the noise floor in 4CM and the channel switching. I need to be able to switch channels in a variety of ways...stomp, snapshots, etc.

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