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32 pin iPad connection


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Question: I have a line 6 , 75 watt spider amplifier.

I am purchasing a M13 Line 6 stomp box.

I read online to hook it up to the M13 to amplifier just plug it into effects whole / input.

The line 6 does not have that option. Can the M13 still be hooked up the line. 6 Amplifier or is a pre- amp reguired.

I would think line 6 Amp would be compatible to line 6 M13

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As pointed out to me by a forum member older iPads etc appear not to be supported. Which is a shame as I have one ready to go.

Seems very strange to me and wondered if there was a workaround or a software update that will change this?

I think it is a "signaling" issue. The dock connector mostly outputs audio in analog format (i.e works similar to a "line out" jack), while the lightning connector is purely digital (i.e. it outputs a pure digital signal that is incompatible with analog inputs). You can still connect your older iPad to the Spider V via the "aux" connector if you have a male to male 1/8" TRS cable. You would go from the headphone out of the iPad to the Aux In on the Spider. You can then play any track on the iPad and control the track volume via the rocker buttons on the iPad.


The actual app connectivity is an entirely different issue. I read on another thread that the app will not connect to the Spider if you use an older iPad with a dock connector, even if your iOS is at v9.x or newer, but at least you should be able to get the tracks to play via Aux In.

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Cheers, it's the engineer in me needing to know

Makes sense what you say if the spider only accepts digital audio.

Doesn't make sense that the app itself wouldn't work to control amp as that part should be the same.


Never made sense that the iOS has 32 pins when the USB end only had 9

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My bad the Apple connector is 30 pin not 32.

However it Does have digital audio out.

Common sense would suggest an adaptor or adapted lead would work. Would be happy with just the app itself working and using a seperate audio cable

You're right, the 30-pin dock connector does have digital + analog signals in it, so, "in theory", it should work, but it appears that the signaling on the digital portion of the connectors is different. I do not know whether this is an actual hardware difference or a firmware issue, but it just doesn't work... it's not an app (i.e Line 6) issue, I am sure of that, as I have also seen cases of old dock speakers that do not work with lightning-connector IPADs, even with an adapter. Maybe Apple did it on purpose to force us to buy everything anew... it wouldn't be the first time that they force shi-tuff we do not want and just costs us money without giving us anything really new down our throats anyway.

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Seems a real shame that an amp with a wireless receIver built in neees a cable to connect the editing app!! Especially when it's big bro, the FH 1500 has Bluetooth; say you're at the front of the stage wanting to tweak your settings - are you supposed to get a 30ft Lightning cable?? Seems like a bit of an oversight to me - so my question is, is there any form of USB/Bluetooth dongle that will act as a replacement for the Lightning cable, and allow you to use the app from a distance (as opposed to a BT device that just streams sound)?

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