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FRFR solution for bass and guitar?


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So, I would like to chime in on this subject. I play heavy metal in a band out of Sacramento and have been used to using the full blown tube heads, 4-12 cabs and having to haul that crap every where i went. This pertains to playing metal, rock, blues, cover music, etc. I was intrigued by the whole "Modulating" world, but wasnt sure I could replicate the same sound as a tube head. 


I jumped in feet first and long story short, my whole rig was changed and it was not cheap. Ended buying the POD HD500X and upgraded shortly to the Helix. I went on forums upon forums and kept hearing about Matrix Amplification being the best amp for these types of set ups. I spoke with Andrew at Matrix and he was telling me how the power amp paired with FR FR speakers would make a world of difference to my sound. I asked alot of questions about speakers and speaker cabs and again FR FR speakers kept coming up.


So, I purchased 2 FR FR speaker cabs and the GT800FX poweramp from Matrix and I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with the sound. The 2 cabs together still weigh less than my 4-12 Marshall cab and with the FR FR speakers, the speaker sims truely ring through. I never used the speaker sims with my Marshall or Peavey Cabs, but using the FR FR really opened up another whole world of sound and now I am diving into the IR speaker cabs and such. 


Had I never been introduced to FR FR, I probably would have been just fine with my Marshall and Peavey cabs, but now that I have I would never turn back. 


Just my two cents on this and I am sure everyone will have their own opinion about this.

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I have been using my Firehawk 1500 for bass and guitar. I love those two piece of gear together. My lowdown 175 is starting buzz pretty bad and I don't have time to rip it apart and see what the problem is. I am going to play a show on bass this weekend we'll see how it goes.

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I've definitely checked out the L3t and have looked into the alto ts115 as well, but I really would prefer something that looked a little more cab like...


While anything FRFR would technically work for bass, many FRFR cabs and systems have speaker roll of at 50-60Hz, sometimes dramatically, I use some sub octave stuff and if I venture into 5-string basses I would like to be able to get those frequencies without worry.


GaryT898 I looked into the matrix as well but could not figure out which cabs would work well for bass applications as I play in a loud prog rock power trio I would think that I would need something with at least 500watts probably more and most of their cabs don't handle that much power.


Bass to FOH doesn't work in enough situations that I've been in the past couple years to make that a solid option... As some venues don't have PA's worth much or they want to turn up the stage volume(yes they actually asked for more stage volume). And unless I got in ear monitors too a lot of the monitors we have aren't loud enough or the sound person is incompetent enough for me to hear myself so having something moving air behind me is a good safety precaution.


From researching today I have found that Accugroove makes some FRFR speakers, which come passive or powered, and also found a company that seems to be getting a lot of good reviews called barefaced that makes some nice looking cabs/FRFR as well. Both of these are pricey but if I go FRFR I might be selling some cabs and stuff anyways to help cover the costs.

Has anyone had any experience with either of these companies?

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