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Amplifi TT and Pod Farm?


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So it works the same and has zero latency?

How much is the software to buy that comes free with the studio GX?

Would it be worth it or does the TT have all features of the software anyway?


Sorry for the noob questions. I had to return an Amplifi 75 due to connection problems and am trying to decide what next as I love the community tones to download.

Can I also ask if there is any detriment to using the iPad app against the pc? Apart from speed that is? I downloaded the app to try and don't see the community tone search in it?

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Technically zero latency does not exists, but for all intents and purpose, yes, virtually zero perceptible latency.   

The standalone hardware independent PF software  is $99 for Standard and $299 Platinum.


The AMPLIFi series (including the TT) does not have the same workflow as the POD Studios.

Although the modeling of the TT is based on the POD Farm Tones, it is a different workflow and features are different.


Which app are you referring to?

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Are Pod farm, mobile Pod and Amplifi the same?

So Amplifi has the tones built in, but using it as just an interface instead of the Pod studio to connect to a pc could I buy Pod farm and get the benefit of both with only one purchase?


I would really like to know how mobile Pod compares to Amplifi TT?



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Three different products. Mobile POD is it's own thing and only runs on iOS.

POD Studio only runs on PC and Mac, there is no Mobile app.

AMPLIFi has no PC or MAc editor, it is based on the POD Farm algorithms, but does not have all the models and effect as PF Platinum.

The signal chain configuration is also differs from what you can do in POD Farm. You can download the AMPLIFi Remote App to see.

There are fixed blocks (Gate,Wah, Amp-Cab,Comp, Eq, Vol, Reverb) and 3 flex blocks that can be any stomp (Delay, Mod, ect...)

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Thank you

I only have experience with Amplifi which I would have kept had the Bluetooth connection worked properly. Couldn't get any joy with technical and suspected it may have been that my iOS device was running latest software and maybe it required an Amplifi app update.


So can you say how the sounds, tone, patches and performance of the mobile Pod would compare to the Amplifi?

Do they have the same quality and are all the online community tones available for both?



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