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How to connect single Pedals with the PRO HD?


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Hi guys,


I have been a line 6 user for over 10 years. Been a proud owner of the Pod Pro Hd for 5 years and ive been using the HD300 for gigs the last 2 years.


So here is the situation, I bought like a couple of cool single pedals at a garage sale for a steal price. I cant buy an amp as I live in an apartment with very fussy neighbours. So the Pod Pro HD has been a blessing as I can use headphones and play through the night!

Now I would like to play with these pedals but I dont know what amp to use to have a "clean" and "transparent" tone.


You know when you have a bunch of single pedals and you hook it up to an amp it has a certain vibe and sound to it. I am not getting it with the PRO HD. Dont get me wrong I love the POD HD Pro, I just dont know how to work it right with what I would like to do with it as of now.


This is how every guitarist normally does it right?


Guitar ---> Compressor ---> OD ---> Distortion ---> Delay---> Amp (Clean Channel)

So with that understanding,


Guitar ---> Compressor ---> OD ---> Distortion ---> Delay---> POD HD


why doesnt this sound as good? I probably am not doing something right..


Which amp sim could I use that would help my situation?

Any advice would be great! :)


Once again, Thank you for reading my post!

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Some FX work better before the amp model (OD, distortion, etc), and some after (delays, reverbs). A compressor could be placed before or after the amp'll hear arguments for both.


You can do both with "real" pedals, by putting some in the POD's FX loop, which can then be placed in the signal chain after the amp model, and the other pedals between the guitar and the POD itself, which by default will be come before the amp model. Play around and see what works.


As for a clean amp model to use....the Hiway 100 gives a pretty transparent clean tone.

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