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Need help loading Bundle packs into PODxt

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I have an old Podxt and have installed the 3 model packs. I am trying to install PacksFantastic bundle, GuitarModelPacks & PackAttackforPOD off the line6 website, however I am having trouble. Line6 Edit wont even show the bundles on the left hand side and Line6 Monkey says 'The Bundle file you specified is not a valid line6 bundle file, or is compatible with PODxt.


Running MacOSX Sierra


Help would be extremely grateful!




Alex :) 

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Pop a link and I'll give them a shot when I get home.


The #1 thing is to ensure you have the model packs loaded. So if you see amps starting with MS- or CC- then they are loaded.


L6 Edit has a pretty decent manual.

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