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JTV-89F ->mono cable ->POD HD500X -> link6 -> L2t not a dream, yet

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Problem: looper isn't working and mp3 doesn't pass through


I have my iPad pushing a song out the headphone jack into the cd/mp3 1/8" input on the back of the POD XD500x.

With the POD HD500x going to the L2t through the link6 cable I can't hear any evidence of the song.  My guitar sounds fine.  The L2t plays great.   I'm connected analog from the JTV-89F to the POD XD500x (1/4" mono instrument cable).



Same config, if I activate the looper on the POD XD500x, regardless of what loop I record I cannot get it to play back over the L2t.



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The cd/mp3 input passes directly to the analog outputs of the HD500x. The signal does not go through any analog to digital conversion inside the Pod and hence it is not available for output through the digital L6 Link connection.


However, the loop playback should not be an issue. Have you checked the playback level setting for the looper?

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Uber Guru,    I love right answers even when they are not the answer I want.   That sucks.  I can't feed an analog cd/mp3 signal through my POD to my L2t usind the Link6 with everything else. GRRRRRRRR!   but I get it.  I'll skip the POD altogether and go iPad to Lt2.   But then I have to run two lines and power to the L2t instead of just one and power if I ever wanted to place the L2t out front. But I'm just sitting in one room for now and may never have that use case so that is a problem for another day.


On the looper, that is weird.  It worked for the past year without issue.  I've tried everything.. Digital in, digital out, analog in, analog out.     Last time I know it worked is before I plugged my JTV in using the rj-45 connector.  Since, nada.

The looper seems to record, stop and start but no sound.


I'll check the level setting for the looper and report back.

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