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Amplifi TT questions about usb and line out


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Hello guys,

Please advise:

I've ordered Amplifi TT and it should be arriving soon. Now I'm wondering what else I might need:


The first question is: will it work as audio interface to output audio to speakers when connected to MacBook via usb?


And the second question is: I'm about to buy M-Audio BX8 D2 speakers that as far as I understand have balanced xlr and abalancned/unbalanced 1/4" inputs.

So what are my best options to connect these speakers to Amplifi tt? Amplifi manual does not state if 1/4  inch main outs are balanced.  I would presume they are, but just to be sure what cables to buy.


Thank you for your help. 

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Amplifi TT will work as an audio interface to output audio to your speakers.

As for balanced/unbalanced, it is unlisted in the manual and I've been hard pressed to find the info elsewhere, hopefully someone chimes in with this or I come across it elsewhere and let you know!

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