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UX2 + Two Notes Torpedo Live = No audio?

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No idea what's going on...


Just got a Torpedo Live.  I hooked everything up the way it's supposed to be...guitar > amp > Torpedo Live, then Torpedo Live 1/4" line out > UX2 1/4" line in.  Also have the Torpedo Live > PC via USB for controlling the Torpedo Live.  


Well...come to find out, whenever I run a 1/4" cable from the line out of the Torpedo Live (it's the only analog out on the thing) and plug it into ANY 1/4" input on the UX2, I lose all audio.  The entire computer.  Silence.  Unplug the cable from the Torpedo Live, audio works again.  


Now, when I say no audio, I don't mean 'no audio from the Torpedo'...I mean no audio, period.  Youtube, my DAW, nothing.  I can see proper audio on the little level meters on the UX2 which are set in the Line 6 software to show output, and I can see proper audio levels all over the place in Windows.  Torpedo Live also appears to have proper input...doesn't appear to be going to the UX2 though...Torpedo Live software shows proper input and output, but nothing appears to be registering on the UX2.  


I'm lost...anyone have any idea why this would happen?

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Just confirmed audio is coming out of the Torpedo Live's line out correctly.  I plugged a cable from that output and into a little practice amp...sounded fine.

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