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G10 - Stereo Guitar?


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I just got G10 and will gig with it tomorrow, I'm sure very straightforward..


Question about advanced connection.. I see the transmitter is TRS, correct? And receiver has XLR Out.. my guitar jack is stereo, stereo Y-cable sends piezo acoustic output to one amp and electric output to a different amp..


SO.. CAN I user a special cable - XLR Out to Dual Quarter ends to do this same thing? This would be wonderful!


Thanks for any info or advice.. MIKE O'

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The Ring on the G10 Transmitter is used for Charging when seated in the G10 Reciever Base.


Your best bet may be using a TRS Male 1/4" Y-Cable to Mono 1/4" TS Female to split the Left and Right signals from your guitar's jack. Once you determine the pickup feed you want to use, connect the G10 to that.


Also bear in mind that with some active piezo pickups their ground wiring may need to be reversed to overcome a high pitched squeal from the G10.

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Nope, the G10 transmitter plug is stereo but for other reasons, only Mono signal is transmitted.

If you wanna stereoize your guitar you can use the Bodilizer plugin.


I have made new stereo IRs for it, you can find them here:


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