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M13 4 cable method and external drive

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i Have a Line 6 M13 a few years and I always used with external drive to achieve the best tone i could ever get, but it always was on the input of my amp. now I'm buying a new amp with an effects loops. my question is if I use the 4CM and use external drive do the overdrive signal will go to the effects loops of my amp? Because it's not been processed inside the M13. If the overdrive signal is going to the effects loop what should I do to not damage my amp and still use external drives with the M13?

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I'm not sure I understand your question 100%, but I use the 4 cable method too, also with additional pedals besides my M13, and it works great.  The best web page outlining proper setup I've found is here - http://guitargearfinder.com/guides/use-four-cable-method/.  The setup should be the same, as well, since you also get to select in the M13 where you want the effects loop placed, either before all of the effects, after bank 1, 2, 3 or 4, or after all.  Are you asking if you use the front end of your new amp to generate overdrive how it would work?  Sorry, your question isn't totally clear...



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