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Giving the Helix a workout, Stratocaster content


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I couldn't figure out how to post the vid only from the Vintage Guitar page so this is a link to my FB page, check out post #1 top, Mods if this is an infraction please remove forthwith.

I used a' 68 Plexi' patch and a '63 Fender Stratocaster, straight into the mixing console, live through studio monitors, the effect sought that of a pushed Marshall 100wt plexi. For this application I think the Helix worked well.



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Nice video Jon. Great tone and great playing. I'm getting back into my Strat's more and more lately, myself. It's funny how we go in circles with tone chasing.

There's a factory patch in the Helix called Texas Flood. It has a dual Fender / Marshall amp setup, with an A/B switch that can be set for what ever percentage of each amp you want. I had a lot of fun with that patch and my Strat yesterday.

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