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FX100 to FOH and a poweramp/cab at same time?

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Hi guys,


I'm looking for a small portable backup system for live gigs, in case my main setup breaks down.


At first glance the AMPLIFi FX100 looked pretty much perfect for me. I could set up 4 good base presets and have a volume and tuner available. Perfect!


The problem then is - I really wanted to connect directly to FoH with cab simulation, which also sending a line level signal to a guitar power amp and cabinet. However, from reading the manual that doesn't seem to be possible? I cannot even connect both to FoH and a guitar amp input at the same time?


How do you guys use the FX100 in Live situations? Do you have to rely on a monitor from the PA mix.


As an emergency solution - would it be possible to have a mono signal at both L and R channel in main out, then send one mono feed to FoH and one to a guitar power amp?


Suggestions very welcome ;)




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I use Firehawk FX for my main rig. As a backup, I have AMPLIFi 100, going from mono XLR out to a small powered monitor, with the monitor's pass thru XLR to FOH. Simple and compact.

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