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M13 And Rig Set Up

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I am looking for advice to set up a rig.  I have the following pieces of equipment and would like ideas to make it work.


Mesa dual rec

Voodoo Labs

Line 6 M13 (4 cable system) w/external pedal

Morley Wah

Pitch black tuner



What I am looking for is midi control over the Mesa channels with the M13.  Do I need to get a midi interface between the voodoo Labs switcher or a Line 6 control board to change scenes and amp channels?  Can I set the Voodoo Labs switch to pick up the scene changes from the M13? 


I have research this all weekend and even seen posts with people that can do this with amps that have midi onboard.  What should I get to make this all work?


Thank you,  

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I figure how to get the M13 to send the signal to the Voodoo Control Switcher attached to my Mesa dual rec.  There are no posts that I found the show how to do this with out a midi onboard amp.  I talked to the line 6 support line and got great insight to make my set up awesome.   There is a slight delay because the amp switches faster than the effect.  You can control this with the timing of your switching so you don't get the raw amp burst before the effects can kick over.  Overall I am extremely happy with the set up!  


Set the M13 midi setting on Omni in scene set up mode (it is a global effect) 

Change the Voodoo Switcher to accept CC and PC midi

(unplug power...hold #2 button,,,..plug in power....light flashes) 

(Press button #1 and #2.....unplug and the settings are saved)

Plug the Voodoo Switcher back in and your ready for set up

Click on your scene and select the channels on the Voodoo Switcher

Hold #1 and #4 at the same time to save settings to the scene.


Now you have a non midi amp that you can switch channels and boost with your M13.  No more tap dancing......








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Are you still using this setup? I am looking at the same setup with Line6 M13 and Mesa Roadster combo. Just wandering if you still like it and what you have learned. :-)

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