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Podhd500x Live Application


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Hey what's up guys. A new user to the forum, but I've been using line 6 products for quite some time. Do a lot of mixing/AE work and looking to get better. That's besides the point :P

So, I just picked up a PODHD500X and this thing is pretty amazing thus far. Have gotten some really great tones out of it already with the many custom amp/cab tweaks you can make. 

- We want to run this in a live application for gigs, however going into a cab does not give enough output volume to even be mic'd + the guitarist would like to hear what he's playing. 
- We have run this direct -in, however the monitor feedback gets a bit 'whiny' when standing too close to the monitors and is not a preferred method of running the pod. (Unless we go in-ears, but that's dropping a bit of cash)

I've gone over the pedal settings a lot and as far as I know, I have all the volume settings adjusted at max, but it's still not cutting it. 

TL;DR- Running this into a cab, how do you maximize sound output? 


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what amp are you using

We are not running it through an amp at the moment. We have tried, however if we can get away with out using an amp, that would be what we're aiming for though I doubt without a sufficient power supply, being able to kick enough power through the cab isn't likely. 

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I get enough volume from mine in both settings but it can take a bit of workaround. 


For private practice I created a setlist of sounds/presets where in the mixer section of the POD HD500X and I have another setlist of sounds for live/P.A use.

Some sounds may have some Panning so make sure that for amp use you set it all to 0% and for P.A , set it to whatever you would like to hear because some effects like delays are really affected by that and you may also experience difference in volumes. 

Instead of messing around with channel volumes and such, if you mess in the mixer section (just after the amp blocks) you can get better results

The trick is to make the sounds on both systems so that you are pleased with them. Plug the POD HD500X to a P.A and work from there! 


Don't forget to change the the switch next to the expression pedal to "line" and go into the settings of the POD to get it for Studio/Direct for P.A and for Power Amp/Combo if you are using an amp

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