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Spider IV 15 Sound Issue

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Probably at least 5 years old. Bought it used and  put it away for a couple years. Fired it up recently and I get a clicking sound out of the speaker that increases as the volume is turned up. Pulled the speaker, looked it over, all connections look good. Hooked it back up. No sound at all. Some of the other posts suggest a factory reset by pressing the 'A' button. Where is the 'A' button? My unit doesn't have one. Replace the speaker? Can I put a bigger wattage speaker in?   

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Use the 'Clean' button for the factory reset.  Doesn't appear to be a speaker issue.  If the reset doesn't work, its not salvageable - they are such a low cost, it would cost more to service than buying a new one.

If you know electronics, you could take it apart and see if you could find any blown components or bad solder joints.

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