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Ernie Ball Volume pedal 25k or 250k with POD HD500x


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I'm planning to buy a volume pedal to use it with my POD HD500x. I want to mention that I am using the EXP-1 and EXP-2 options already, (Basically EXP1 for Drive/Gain and EXP-2 for Reverb/delay MIX with the L6 EX-1 expression pedal). So a volume pedal is needed for my current setup. I know that I can switch to another patch without the delay/reverb and assign a volume pedal, or make a sacrifice with the EXP-1.... bla bla bla... but for my needs It is necessary to include it!


So basically I will place the EB volume pedal in the FX SEND before it reaches the input of my AMP (I use the 4 Cable method), the question is, knowing that the impedance of the FX LOOP output is actually 1M, should I go with the 25k or 250k pedal? I tried to google this but no one is clear about it...


Can anyone help? thanks!

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