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Any advanced AX2-212 users?


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I picked up one used off craigslist end of january 2017 and really like some of the tones in it.


I was wondering if anyone could help me with what i think it an advanced question maybe.


Say i find i tone i like on a patch and i want to tweak it or make one similar with a different amp or stomp box


How do i find out the settings for say the bass, mids, treble and or the EQ?


If i touch the dials it doesnt give me an exact number it will change depending on the position of the knob before i adjust it.


if any of that make sense?

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I found this on the manual, not sure if it solves your issues: 


The other option is called Pass Through, and it only applies to the six knobs in the center of the AX2 front panel (the Guitar, Aux, and Master knobs are always in Instant Access mode). This mode can be used to give you more seamless sound as you are tweaking the settings on your AX2. Let’s say you recall a saved channel on the AX2, which has a low setting for the Drive – like 10, for instance (Drive has a range of 0-99). Now let’s say your Drive control knob happens to be at its maximum position. In Instant Access mode, if you grabbed the knob and started turning it, your Drive would jump instantly to the maximum level (99). In Pass Through mode, a knob does not become ‘active’ until it ‘passes through’ the current value for the particular setting that you are controlling with the knob. So, in our example, when you first started turning the knob, it wouldn’t be anywhere near 10. You would have to turn it all the way down to ‘pass through’ 10 before anything would happen; once you passed through 10, the knob would become active, and the Drive setting would start changing, and affecting your tone. Why would you want to use Pass Through? People who do a lot of sound editing may find that Pass Through is handy because it generally lets them check a particular Way Important: KNOB MODES 2 • 3 parameter’s current setting before they change it. So, in the example of the Drive, maybe you want to just have a look at where the Drive is set now, without changing the setting. With Pass Through mode, you can turn the Drive knob, and at first you won’t change the setting. The current value for Drive will be displayed in the AX2 display as you turn the knob, so you can see that it is set to 10 (or whatever) without having made any change to the sound. So Pass Through mode might be for you. On the other hand, you may be the kind of person that finds Pass Through mode to be a big pain in the butt because half the time when you grab a knob and turn it, nothing happens. You might want to always have your AX2 respond to you instantly without having to pay too much attention to where the knobs happen to be. If that’s your kind of scene, then Instant Access is probably the thing for you.


To get Instant Access Mode, do nothing. The AX2 defaults to this mode. To choose Pass Through mode, you use the Row Select button for the MAIN Row. That’s the button to the left of the boxed word MAIN on the AX2 front panel. On the fold-out illustration of this manual’s back cover, the MAIN Row Select button is the bottom one of the group labeled . Get ready to work that button. To set the knob mode to Pass Through, turn off the AX2, and then power it up while holding in that MAIN Row Select button we just described. The six Edit Knobs of the AX2 will now be in Pass Thru mode, and will stay that way (even after you turn the AX2 off and on again) until you reset them to Instant Access mode by powering up with the MAIN Row Select button held. This Knob Mode selection is one of the things that the AX2 stores in its Global section of memory, so resetting the global memory, as described in the System Resets section of this User Guide, will also reset the AX2 to Instant Access mode


Hope this helps?

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