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Cubase DOES recognize PODFARM however, ABLETON does not... WHY?

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I have been using pod farm for a while and am quite familiar with it. the DAW i use to record audio has been cubase for a while, however it has serious latency issues and I figured out that you can actually record guitar through Ableton live, which is convenient because i make my drums in ableton anyways.


I use massive in cubase and it is capable of seeking and loading up massive. so i know ableton works. i know pod farm works and i have it licensed. it works on cubase,. when i try to load it in ABLETON however, I am able to locate the VST folder, and click it, and then ableton shows the directory path for the VST plugin, but it doesnt load into the PLUGIN spot on ableton. possibly an ableton issue, but as I said before, ableton was finding my other plugins jsut fine.


also my ASIO gx soundcard works in ableton, and i can hear audio and record audio with it, i jsut cant seem to get pod farm to load up in it. somebody must have been through this problem before. a little advice would be great! thanks!

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