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Presets Are Squealing Very Loudly Hd500x


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Was wondering if anyone else had this issue.  I have my pod hd500x (brand new.. I've only had it a couple days) hooked into the effects loop of my Bugera 333xl 212 Combo Tube amp.    


I can't use the 4CM as I've got other pedals in the chain and it's all running through a the patchbay on my SKB PS-45 pedal board......  so basically, I've got:  Effects Send>> Pod>>Sonic Maximizer>>Ditto Looper>> Effects Return.... and I've got my tuner and dirt pedals running direct into front (I plug my guitar into the front of the amp). I just have my cables plugged into the instrument input of the pod, and the mono output into the next pedal.


So certain presets are causing a VERY lout squealing sound... even with the amp turned down so it's not feedback.  It actually persists as I'm playing.  It seems that the presets that are using amp models are the ones that are giving off the squealing noise...



So I think it's hooked up as it should be. 




Do I have the output settings wrong? 

What should everything be set to when running through the effects loop of a tube amp? 

Would it be best to just ditch the tube amp all together and just buy a nice power amp instead?

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