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Why is the signal "louder" in fx loop with "stomp" then "line"?

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I´m using an external drive (Tech 21 GT2) in my HD 500X fx koop and when I set the little switch to "stomp" the signal goes really "loud" and "hot" without sounding good. I now use it on the "line" - setting and that gives a more "normal" signal and sounds quite good, but shouldn´t it be the other way around? Shouldn´t the "stomp"-setting provide an instrument signal that is good for external stomp boxes and the "line"-setting a hotter signal? I have the fx loop with send/return at standard settings.


Also, what does the fx loop mix do? Doesn´t seem like it controls the "mix/blend" of the external pedal to my signal.

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yes, it should be the other way around, absolutely...


STOMP should give (and it does on my unit) a low level signal, and LINE should give and high level signal on the SEND output..


regarding the MIX parameter the following is what is written in the downloadable advanced guide:


Mix: Blends the FX Loop signal that with the POD HD tone signal. When set to 100%, the full POD HD500 signal is fed to the SEND. When set to 0%, your input signal bypasses the FX Loop completely, so that you’ll hear only your POD HD processed signal. Be sure to set the Mix to less than 100%, or toggle the FX Loop Block “Off,†if you do not have a complete connection between the device’s SEND & RETURN jacks, or you’ll hear only silence from the output of POD HD500!

So, something is obviously wrong. Do you have any suggestions on what might be causing this? Maybe mine´s just wired backwards? ;)


Regarding the mix, that sounds like it controls the signal going IN to the external stomp box rather than the mix of the external signal with the internal?

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I guess your Fx Loop switch is wired backwards..


regarding the Fx Loop MIX parameter, at 100 it behaves like a standard serial Fx Loop, at zero it is completely bypassed, and with in-between values it behaves like a parallel Fx Loop, ie part of the Fx Loop bypassed signal and part of the wet signal coming back from the Return input are blended together..


and yes, it affects directly the signal going into the effect connected to the SEND output, at 100 all the signal goes to the SEND output, and at zero no signal goes to the effect connected to the SEND output

Thanks. Now it seems like I somehow got it all backwards!

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