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Spider V for v drums, vocals or other devices through aux input

Guest Guerroz

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Guest Guerroz

Hi everyone.


I have all but given up using the 120 as a guitar amp and would like to try connecting other devices such as roland v drums, or a mic for vocals. The manuals don't provide much instruction here. I know part of the line 6 spider charm is solving the various puzzles of setup without documentation.


Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to setup the amp in aux mode with a straight clean tone that would not color the v drum or vocals sound?


What is the best method to connect such a device?


Thanks very much!

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Just started toying with the new toy, the V 240. And I am very happy. I've connected from the headphone jack on my Yamaha PSR S970 arranger keyboard. With the stereo full range speaker system my keys sound excellent into the Aux.

I like how the amp, at least mine, is very quiet with the master cranked wide open.

Playing a bass guitar patch on the keys am very pleased with the tone, and clean undistorted sound coming out of the amp.

For my guitar and keyboard uses this amp is def a keeper.

Added into the equation is the steal I got on this amp.

Used but like new, barely touched, I paid $250 for the amp and $100 for a FBV3 controller.

The guy was a tube snob, hated the amp and sold cheap after just 3 months.

His loss......My gain!!!


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I tried my MODX7  through the v120 yesterday and it sounds good...I'm going to exchange for the 240 today...just worried if it will be loud enough for playing in the band using the aux in .

Thinking of using just this amp for both keys and guitar...

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