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2.12 FX Block issues


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Interestingly, I was building brand new Presets from scratch. I figured it was time for a new sound journey. Situation now occurring;


1) Setup patch with multiple FX blocks assigned to on footswitch in latch mode

2) Activate group by stomping on footswitch and the foot switch ring is lit

3) De-activate group, footswitch ring is not lit, but every block icon assigned is now still showing as active even though they are not

4) At this point no FX blocks show the proper state even though every FX block is working in the PA system as I play


I checked every Pre-set and though it was a problem with the song list so I use a different song list and now same problem. So I use the trusty FS10+FS11 and no change. FS9+FS10 - rebuild and still problem.





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USB connected to computer?  Shooting in the dark.

No, but thanks for asking. 


Also, I am in the evacuation area in California so I may not be able to consistently reply over the next few days.  But you do know what items I am taking with me, right?


Hahahaha ;)



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I'm on 2.12 Helix Rack/Control.

When I saw this I popped on my Helix and scratch-made a patch with some effects on both paths 1 & 2, and then popped 8 functions/bypasses to a stomp switch to look for this symptom.

I wasn't able to replicate it - perhaps there's something about where the blocks are in the chain, or perhaps you're including doing something like turning on/off the input gate?

I know I had an issue with including the gate on/off at one point on an earlier firmware version.


Curious to know where the dividing line is on this bug between those seeing the symptom and not.


(I've also got presets which go back to the beginning for me (pre-2.0 firmware) with stomp function switches which *knock on wood* all appear to be working fine - the only issue there is that, upon new firmware updates, these seem to all get 'flipped' as to their on/off states as far as LED indicators go.)

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OK, so here is a link that is the opposite of my issue in that the FX blocks do not light up even when they ARE working.  That is once I hit the switch the ring lights up, the blocks all light up, and my multi-FX on one switch idea works.  When I hit the switch again the blocks stay lit, the ring is not lit, and the multi-FX group are all turned off.

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