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Firehawk vs Pod HD Desktop


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If you have had the Pod Desktop unit (the black one, Pod HD), how does the Firehawk compare. I've heard someone say that it has pretty much the same effects, just as a foot pedal version. I have the desktop unit, but really like what I'm reading review wise, of the Firehawk.



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They are two very different devices. The POD HD is much more powerful, supports dual paths, is much more flexible and capable in terms of signal routing, and has a PC -based editor. Firehawk FX has convenient tone matching features, a larger cloud-based library of presets, and has a mobile devices-based editor.


There is a greater learning curve with the POD HD but it will (imho) deliver better tones once you learn how to use it.

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I concur with Silverhead, a good summary. I would also add these, having owned both.


HD pros

Tones sound more natural. High gain growls more, FX seems a little "buzzy"

Compact form factor

More complex programming, e.g. You can set up a Shortboard switch to simultaneously switch on one or more effects, AND switch off others. This means you have more flexibility within one patch.

Dual paths, but with so many amps available with add on packs, I rarely used this


HD Cons

PC Edit software is clunky, interface is too small on a Mac and takes some learning

Small screen

You need a shortboard to control with feet, so add $$

Deep edits hard to navigate (lots of scrolling, clicking, easy to get lost)


FH pros

All in one, just need an iPad.

More amps included as standard.

LED lighting conventions easy to understand

iPad app easy to navigate and program (mostly)

ToneCloud is far more convenient for finding tones than Customtone. You enter the song/artist on your iPad and instantly you can hear the tones. With HD, you need to download the tones first and then send them to the Pod to try.

More I/O options


FH cons

Programming combinations is more limited, which is more problematic for a stereo tone setup, eg using ping pong delays.

Some amp sounds aren't the same as on POD. Eg, if I program FH with same amp (line 6 Elektric) and settings as on POD, they sound different, so it may take some time to replicate tones.

Some features on the app don't work quite as expected, e.g save vs save as

Some effects missing, eg Dimension chorus, pitch glide


Overall I think the sound of the Pod is better, but the usability of the FH is better for me. I can jump on the FH and within 30 seconds sound like anyone I want thanks to ToneCloud. Sure there are limitations, but I've learned to work around them.

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Thank you Silverhead and Jaime. Great info to consider. I still have so much to learn on the HD Desktop unit (I really want to start putting more time back into music), but maybe the Firehawk being more "plug and play" friendly makes it a good alternative. It sounds like I'm talking myself into owning both!

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