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Anyone using Helix in 4CM and as an IR loader?


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Is anyone using the Helix in 4CM then loading the amp down to line level and sending it back into the Helix and using and IR? If so, how the heck is it setup?


I am running my Helix in 4CM with a Bogner XTC. I have 2 paths set up. In Path 1 - Gtr into Helix. Helix Send 1 (set to Inst Level) running to amp in. 1/4" Out (set to Line Level) to the amp's FX loop return. The amp's FX loop send then comes back to the Helix's Return 3 (set to Line Level). I have a pedal in loop 4. The input of this path is set to guitar and the output is currently set to the default.


Path 2 only has the IR in it. The input of this path is Return 2. I am running thru a Fryette Power Station. Loading it down to line level then going into Return 2 on the Helix. After the IR the path ends with an XLR out.


Without the Line Out coming from the Power Station connected everything sounds great. When I plug it into Return 2 everything sounds like it's in a metal tube. Tried the ground lifts on both units.


Thoughts? Any help would be great. I am trying to get a good sound on stage and then use the IR for FOH and our in ears.

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I've done close to what you're looking to achieve.  Your sends and returns are a bit confusing.  Maybe posting a screen capture of your patch would help.


Normal 4-cable method is:

  • Guitar -> Guitar In
  • Helix Send 1 -> front of amp
  • 1/4" Helix Out -> amp FX Return
  • Amp FX Send -> Helix Return 1

I've used this succesfully; although I had everything set to instrument level.  Then I ran the direct out of my DT25 into the Helix microphone input on a separate path, put it through an IR and out the XLR.


I'm expecting a Power Station 2 and hopefully it will get here before the weekend.  I'd be happy to give your patch a try if you're willing to post it.  

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Sorry that was so confusing. Ha.


Mine is almost the same as yours...

Guitar -> Guitar In

Helix Send 1 -> front of amp

1/4" Helix Out -> amp FX Return

Amp FX Send -> Helix Return 3 - I am having to use 3 because my amp's loop is line level. If I use Return 1 it is noisy because it is already set to Inst Level for the send 1 going to the front of my amp. Both 1/4" out and loop 3 are set to Line level Since they are in the amp's loop. Sucks because I lose a loop but it's incredibly quieter.


Let me know what you find when you receive the Power Station. I will be doing some tweaking today. If I figure it out I will post an update.

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Per both responses I tried the balanced XLR out from the Fryette to the mic in on the Helix and it works great. I did need to lower my amps volume. Since I had the Power Station I thought maybe I'd run the amp a little hotter but it made everything get super compressed. I'm back to running the XTC at 9 o'clock (which is still brutally loud without the PS). I'm using a Ownhammer Bogner 4x12 IRs. Now I just need to figure out if I need to mess with the level of the IR. It comes up as -18dB. Trying to figure out what the right level is for my setup so FOH gets a good signal.

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