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SPDIF connectivity

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Hi there,


I'm looking to do some reamping through my Helix and I'm interested to find out whether or not I could do this via SPDIF.


My interface is a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, and at present it is receiving the SPDIF in from my Two Notes Torpedo Live. Ideally, I'd like to run the signal thus:


Raw guitar track in Reaper --> Helix in 4CM with Vox AC30 --> Speaker out into Torpedo --> Torpedo back into Reaper


Is it possible to do this configuration having the SPDIF running out of the Focusrite into Helix? The Focusrite is currently sync'd externally to the Torpedo via SPDIF (at 48kHz, if that assists) because this allows the dual inputs from the Torpedo (L processed; R raw feed from speaker out).


Hope that's enough info. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




NB: I know I can technically re-amp with the USB I/O on the Helix, but as I'm running a fairly old PC ATM it doesn't like using the Helix as a main interface, and my experiments with ASIO4ALL to use the focusrite at the same time resulted in major lag/latency issues and repeated crashing. The actual solution is to fully upgrade my computer, but right now a SPDIF cable is the much cheaper option...

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I think it will work.


Helix should be able to sync it's clock to the (48khZ) SPDIF input from your Focusrite - as your other connections to and from Helix are analog there should not be any problems...


... as long as the focurite is able to successfully output SPDIF whilst slaving the clock to it's SPDIF input from the Torpedo.  I remember my old Lexicon MPX1 struggled to do this :(


EDIT - although it's worth mentioning that there is apparently a bug in Helix firmware that causes SPDIF dropouts... but that might only apply to using SPDIF out from Helix - the SPDIF in might be ok.

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