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Helix patch settings needed


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Having a lot of fun making Helix patches on my HD 500. They sound really close! I'm struggling with one. In this video at 3:15 is a patch called "M'erican Tycho" I can see that the amp is an Engl. I need the rest of the Fx and their perameters I suspect there is an Octafuzz in the mix somewhere.


I was able to dial in most of these tones using the exact same perameters shown on the video. The Helix perameters are almost identical to the HD.


Any help is much appreciated


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I don't think anybody can help here - except perhaps Line 6, and even then perhaps not then.


According to the list of presets from Firmware 1.03 there is no factory preset of that name.


That video is a preview and predates the release of the Helix by months so was either using provisional presets or worse was using ones that Sean put together just for that video. I remember from somewhere the Sean often didn't save his demo presets because he would just recreate what he wanted when he wanted it.

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