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well, I have an Pod xt.. and its great just purchased a pod hd..


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well, hello folks.. long time pod xt user... it was my digital interface for all my DAW stuff...   and the switch gave up the ghost...  broke all to heck...   i gave it to a friend to solder a new on off on it..    but i was surfing around reverb and found a pod hd desktop for a real nice price.. and thought what the heck...  i know its not being sold any more.. but how is the support?   are folks still using and enjoying the line 6 HD units?  i got the pod hd because i liked my pod so much..   and i kinda wanted to see where they went with the HD..i know they dont have as many amps as the other x3 or the XT.. but i have heard the simulation is really quite nice as far as the moderate gain and clean things to.. but i worry about how well it will play with my windows machine..  can i get a true dry signal with an HD or do i just flat response an amp model.?   well...   im sure it will be good enough kit to rough out some scratch demos and stuff...   just hobby stuff...   but i am looking forward to getting back to playing guitar again...  hope the HD will not disappoint...


play on.

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