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Hd500 into iPhone 5s


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Hi all I've recently been using Bandhub on my iPhone 5s this is where you record guitar into the app and somebody else does drums voice bass etc.My question is can and if so how do I go directly from my hd500 into the iPhone to give a more professional recording,can I use the iPhone to USB adapter.Any information would be appreciated

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The HD series development seems to have already reached the end of a road that is closed and does not lead anywhere. Thats a dead end by definition.


Said that, I bought a Mac Mini 2.1 (80€) that now sits over my amp together with an old 15" cheap monitor and a wireless mouse.


If you need portability for your guitar rig (I dont) then get an used netbook or a cheap 64 bits windows tablet. No need to spend more than 100 bucks for a computer capable to handle an editor. Even a 10 years old computer with half a GB of RAM can do it.

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