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Swedish sound / entombed / Boss HM-2


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Hello, I have the Helix Rack just for home recording, I tried to do a preset to have the "Entombed sound" this famous sound of HM-2 in swedish metal songs but I didn'y find how to do, I tried a lot of possibilities with amps and distortions but the sound isn't here :/

Can someone hel me to do that sound please ? thank you.

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You'll need to buy a HM-2 unfortunately. It's a unique pedal which I believe no modeller has been able to replicate as far as I know.


That being said I'd love it if they did add it to the helix one day.

A unique pedal that no modern modeler makers wish to replicate, you mean? Hahaha. I always thought they sounded like a can of butts, but to each their own. Maybe try a mesa model with the gain cranked, then put a OD boost also with the gain cranked, then an EQ with everything between 200Hz and 900Hz completely cut out?

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Plenty of Swedish metallers opted for the 5150 or even marshal valvestate amps too.  Remember that a lot of that scandinavian/Gothenburg sound came from quad tracking guitars.  Here are a couple other things to try


Reducing the sag on the amp 

Throw a tubescreamer in front with the gain at 0, tone at 5, and the level at 9-10. (some of the HM-2 users were doing somethign similar with already overdriven hi-gain amps - although I've been told by a buddy that Entombed was putting averything on 100% for the HM2)

RE30 dynamic mic model

EQ cuts at 250-300 and 650-750


I remember having both the HM2 and the MT2, and I loved them then.  I know I wouldn't feel the same now, so Ill just leave it as a nostalgic thing.   It's like a right of passage for high gain players.  I think the Blue Voodoo might be in that same category.

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You can't get the exact thing, but you can get fairly close with combining drives + EQ. Matt of Rosetta and Atomium Amps did a great technical writeup of the HM-2, which you can use to decide which models to use.


FWIW, I got fairly close with the Stupor OD followed by the 10 band graphic with 1K almost dimed. Play around and see what works best for you

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