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Variax 500 help needed!

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Hi all. I've just got my son a Variax 500 off eBay for his birthday. One of the reasons for getting it was the ability to easily use altered tuning. I didn't realize it needed to be attached to a computer to do this. I understand that there's a little interface that Line 6 make but they are around £100! I could pick up a used Pod XT live for less than that. Firstly would a XT live work as an interface between the Variax 500 and a computer. Secondly can I still get a version of Workbench that will work and lastly can I get the required cables? Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance. 

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Yes for the XTL/X3L or HD500.


Yes Workbench will work with the XTL/X3L/HD500


Yes you can get the Variax cables.


I would look at an HD500 or X3L unless you get a killer deal.


Hope that helps. :)

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