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Brand New Relay G30 Cut-Out Mid Song at Show


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I bought a brand new Line 6 Relay G30 last week from guitar center.


I used it at home with my rig, and it worked fine.


I brought it with me to my bands show Saturday night.  We were the first band so I had time to meticulously setup my rig and pedal board and test it out.  I had the Relay on channel 1.  Sound was fine when I was checking it out on stage before doors opened.  Then at official sound check, it worked at first but then cut out.  I went to Channel two or three and all was fine again.


Our band went on an hour later in front of a large crowd.  In the middle of the 2nd song, my sound completely cut out.  I looked down at the transmitter on  my guitar strap and the two lights were flashing, indicating it lost connection.


I missed the rest of the song, which was a huge embarrassment and left me royally pissed.


What the hell happened and how do I make sure this DOES NOT happen again?  I didn't buy this to mess around in my bedroom, I bought it for live use and if it's not going to be reliable, I will return it immediately.


Does anyone have any fixes/solutions for this?  How did this happen?

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