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Firehawk app issues and functionality compared amplifi app


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Hi only had the firehawk 2 days so maybe me missing something. I am a bit bemused why amplifi app has more functionality than the firehawk one though.

Okay then first thing. When I mode a patch and select save to my tones it creates a new patch with the same name, in some instances places a fh prefix to the name but generally save as the same name. If I don't at the save point delete the old duplicate i would know which was the updated version. Is it me or do you all have the same issue.

My next issue is when you select a tone in the app from the patches in the firehawk unit why does it not switch the unit to that patch and batch? Just if you make a change to parameters it would be easy to save on the unit instead you have to save to the unit and the find the bank and patch!

Next one is the amplifi app when you go to songs gives 2 option play music or use line 6 created backing tracks and use pre created line 6 tones. Why does the firehawk app not have these? As it's a cloud related option and you can't download them and save to upload!


Look forward to you comments and any help from line 6.


Will we get future updates for firehawk?



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For questions 1 & 2, see thread "Saving Tones".

For question 3, Amplifi is a different product. You would have to speak with the Product Strategy Manager at Line6 to know why some features are available and others not, but almost certainly it has something to do with market segmentation and profit maximisation. ;)

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